Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beginning the next phase - the main yard

 We now have to build the yard. The grandchildren have left and we have to push on with construction. I felt I would start on the west end as it is easier and more accessible.  This is a view of the yard lead sub-roadbed on the west end of the yard.  used some Homabed for a change to get an elevation difference between the yard lead and the main to its left.
 Before I go too far,I have to use a router to trim the end of the bench work so that everything lines up for when I add the Masonite fascia later. You can see that the edge has been trimmed to the left and I am now going to trim around the curve. That is an flush edge trimmer bit in the router

 One problem I have with the homasote is that it is not a consistent thickness. This shows the difference in thickness between two pieces. It can be pretty significant. I cannot understand why the manufacturer has such  poor process to end up like this.
 So, what I have to do is to take file folders and cut them into strips that use as shims to level the pieces out. You can see the folders are now stacked and tapered down to go under under the next piece of homasote.
 So, now when we put the homasote down, it appears to be level with the preceding piece. This adds a lot of time to laying the surface.
 The civil engineering associated with the yard entrance is now nearing completion. We have one small piece of homasote to go.
When I finish the routing of the edge it look like this in the aisle with all the dust from the homasote being cut off. The edge of the bench work looks good though.

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