Saturday, November 10, 2012

After a Long Absence

Well, it has been a while since a post. This is due to a long trip on the West Coast, a case of pneumonia that I never expected - what a long recuperation - and getting ready for a visit by 23 railroaders from as far away as Charleston, SC; Gettysburg, PA,; Baltimore and Finksburg, MD and Indianapolis, IN. Those, plus my old group up in the DC area. So, I have been under and over the layout, doing some basic wiring so that we now have both main lines operating, plus the branch all the way into the yard. I will show you the wiring in another post. This one is just an illustration of the guys having a good time. They visited another layout in the area, Ed Rappe's, and then came to my house. We had a 3 unit set of Baldwin Sharks pulling a 45 car train, an M1b (4-8-2) pulling a 35 car train and double headed I1's (2-10-0) pulling a 35 car hopper train up and down the branch.
 The guys who follow the blog said that they did not appreciate how big the yard was until they saw it in person. I am going to try another approach and post again in the near future to help solve that problem. 
 Meanwhile, the layout ran well and the guys liked it very much. On their previous visit, they did not understand my description of what we were going to do but they now have a full picture of the track plan. As you can tell by the pictures, we had a lot of conversation so everyone had a good time.

Our goals for the new year will include completion of the branch line, wiring and panel installation ( I will stay with DC for now) and fascia panels. Scenery will be the goal for 2014.