Friday, April 13, 2012

Building the East End - Part 3

 Well, we have finally completed the yard throat. The double slip was a real bear as I mentioned previously. It took a lot of time to  get everything to work together. I have not put in the machines yet but have gotten the bulk of the work done, completing the cutting of the ties today.

 It has a nice flow to it with the top turnout leading into the yard ladder. I am going to go downstairs to start that after I finish writing this. You can see that I am moving the tools into place.
 One last look at the the throat. I have not placed the rail leading to the last frog as I will use the rail going into the next turnout for that. I am going to put a caboose track next to the ladder and that will come off the left track just past where I stopped.
This is where the yard ladder will go. It will consist of 4 number 7 turnouts that then terminate in a 3 way switch that I have to build. It will be located where all those templates are taped to the yard surface at the top left of the picture. I hope to get the ladder done in a week.