Friday, July 10, 2015

More modeling

 I have wanted a more extensive trailer train roster so I had to add another car with all the chains and blocking - representing a 1955 technology shipment. Using a car done by the master, Lee Turner, as a model,  seen at the rear, I painted an Overland F39 flat to show that the deck was wood and then did the ramps and chains in safety yellow.
 Here I have added some wood to the top of the Overland castings so I can attach the chains and level the trailers. I sprayed the ramps and chains and then weathered them with the acrylic washes. Lastly, I ACC'ed them to the deck. The loops on them are to attach the chains.
 Now I have begun the tedious job of attaching the chains and come alongs
 Here is the center mount of the two ramps for the two trailers. I actually had to add the loops on the flat deck as the previous owner of the car had removed them!
 Here are two cars coupled together with the same chain arrangement. I am going blind!
 This gives  a good shot of the decking and the chains in place.
 This is how the cars appear with the chains and the trailers in place.
I really like the look and they will go well in a train from Buffalo to Harrisburg! Now back to the layout.

Some modeling activity

 Well, I am very short of cabooses as I increase the number of trains on the layout. I acquired a caboose that was painted for the PRSL for a very reasonable price as no one wanted it due to its lettering. Advised by Lee Turner, I sanded off the lettering with a 400 grit sanding stick and ended up here.
 I still had a problem with the classification lettering so I had to remove the reference to the PRSL. I put some water on the car and using that same stick, I was able to remove the class info while saving the repack info.
 Here is what I now have to start my repainting and relettering. I will show that in later installment.
 I have been very worried about my capacity to weather cars. Lee Turner advised me to buy some Vallejo Dark Brown wash and go over a car and go from there. I decided to give it an acid test and use my 5 year old granddaughter, Genevieve, and her animal friend to see how hard it was. She really enjoyed herself as she did the roof of an NX23.
 Here she is really getting into the project.
 The car is coming together now that it looks like it has been on the road. It is amazing how that wash covers so many sins.
Further along, I placed the wash on the sides as it took more coordination than doing the roof. I will send along a photo of it on the road in a future post. It needs some safety yellow and window glass. Genevieve now checks on her caboose when she comes downstairs.

Starting the ridge line

 Well, we have built the hill form up the grade to Mt. Carmel. Now I have to prepare the hill that will cover the background behind the main and leading up to the hillside. I built the wooden form that is hte ridge line from the bridge over the aisle to the top of the grade.
 This gives a broader view of that ridge which is the straight line just below the distant hillside,
This is a view back down the hill which more distinctly shows the ridge that will be covered with the cardboard webbing for the hillside.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Field Trip - New Engineer

 Well, we had a new location for a Monday night train night, meeting at Jack's house. He has an HO layout modeling the '60's on the Western Maryland. My grandson, Dylan, was in town for a visit with Memere and Grandpa so he came along. He was familiar with the throttles as Jack uses the same system that I do. Jack broke us up into crews and Dyaln was my engineer and Paul was the conductor. I was the switchman.
 That is Jack on the left giving an orientation to Dylan and Paul.
 A concerned looking Jack is watching as Paul and Dylan get ready to work the yard and put together a train. Meanwhile other crews are running on the main with a couple of other trains.
Paul showed Dylan how to uncouple the cars using a wand so here is Dylan making the cut between the engine and the cars. Fortunately, we had a great evening and most of the equipment survived the night. Dylan did not generate too many demerits and may be invited back!