Saturday, August 23, 2014

More Weigh Scales

 I have carried the fascia around the curves at the Narrows. We a;so started putting some webbing in as a base for the future scenery. I have done some seaming to prepare the surfaces for painting but have had a problem with the paint.
 A long view showing the seaming and filling. The paint I selected is a dark green and and it is chalking when you brush into it.
 This is the west end of Weigh Scales., so it is a very long thin yard. About 40 feet. The paint company told me I have to prime the hardboard to avoid the chalking problem.
 So, here is the primer going on - I am at the entrance to Shamokin where I ended the fascia for now. The area above us is where the Glen Bourne Colliery will be. There is a space for a small yard there. We will walk back to the west end of Weigh Scales.
Here we are at the Narrows looking back to east Weigh Scales.
 Now we are looking down the length of the yard. The local throttle plugs are sticking out so I can easily paint around them,
And here we are back at the west end of Weigh Scales. The next installment will be with the color coat and the panels installed.

Working on Weigh Scales

 Well, we have to finish Weigh Scales so we have an operating gathering yard on the branch. First thing was to add a couple of sidings for Feed Mill and a Creamery. Tough working in a corner but they are in.
 We added the fascia and now I have to cut in the panel. So, using a jig saw and a guide, I cut out the opening that we had made in the framing step. I then lined it with 1X1's to provide a recess and mounting point for the panel.
 The clamps held everything securely while the glue dried. I then sanded it all flush.
 Here is the extent of the fascia. I have now carried it all the way around the next set of curves.
 The interior of the panel cavity as we begin to add the wiring. That is the switch machine power supply on the shelf. I also built a local throttle that is now on the shelf to the left of the switch machine PS.
Unfortunately, the pictues are a little out of order as I just got a new camera but here is the fascia clamped while the glue is drying.