Sunday, September 22, 2019

Completing the corner at Sunbury

 I have removed the newspaper and was generally pleased with the outcome.
 Now I have added the first layer of fine ground foam to match the colors in the foreground of the photo.
 I need to integrate those trees at the left end of the grove to tie them to the foreground.
I am starting to add dried leaves to the ground where the trees will go. You can see the light patch at the end of the white looking stripe.  I am also making trees with varying colors to match those in the photos.
 A closer look and I will add the trees in that light patch
 You can see how I tried to match the ground color to the photo.
 Tees are going in and you can see that they get lighter as they go to the rear, matching the photo.
 From a viewing distance, you have a hard time seeing where the trees stop and the photo begins.
 The finished corner. Now I gave to make a long fence to integrate the factory area.
I am trying to determine the color of the fence that will make it look old but generally maintained. I am hitting writers block with that.

Getting the Sunbury picture up and integrated.

 Well, we are back to the scenery side of things. The photo is up and the land form is being roughed in.
 The red rosin paper is on the webbing and now I have to put the plaster cloth on and I am worried about the picture being hit by plaster so have to cover it some way. I am not happy with the plastic approach and this picture mural is quite high so I need another approach.
 Here is an overview of the whole area.
 Supplies are in place
 So, I decided to use newspaper as I can cover the whole area easily.
 Half of the plaster cloth is on and we are doing okay.
 Plaster cloth is done and I have added the stucco on top.
 The ground is now painted with our ground color, camel beige.
The finished area.

Time to power the diesel service area

 It has been a while since i have posted but I have been busy with many celebrations including our 50th anniversary so I have been distracted.
 Work has continued however. So we have six tracks in the diesel storage area and will eventually have a diesel house. I built the housing out of some furniture grade plywood and will cover the front with plexiglas. Here I have added the terminal strips for the various connections. I use 8 position blocks.
 Ground wire for the power has been added.

My usual array of tools neatly laid out

 My work area under the layout. The terminal strip in the upper left is for a Tortoise machine
 I have to connect here to the main power supply
 So I use the red suitcase connectors for that. Makes it quick and easy.
 Power supplies now coming in
 The overall work area reflects that I had to pull everything out from under the payout to do the work. What a pain.
 More wiring progress. All blocks and turnouts now connected to the back of the panel.
 Wiring plan and meters in the general area to access.
 Panel installed. I wired the back of the panel at a bench and only had to connect it to the terminal blocks.
We have now 21 storage positions, varying in size from short spots for road switchers to longer spots for passenger diesels. Now back to scenery.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Closing out the Installation

 Well, the one thing that I needed was a scene integrator to marry the two murals where they met in a corner. The solution was trees. So, using Super Trees, which the group made one night, I placed an initial grove in the corner.  It solved that problem.
 A closer view of the grove. Even included a dead tree for effect.
 So, now to the other end of the room, I have to hide the corner or reduce its impact, plus cover the paint addition I made to the bottom of the murals.
 So, more trees are added that reach up into the mural and then go down the hill.
I wrapped them around the corner and carried on down along the tracks. 
 I had made two batches of trees with different colors - light green and medium green.
 They looked pretty good.
 So, here I am added them with some brown dropped leaves below them.
 The corner is disappearing. Too bad no one is going to get this view!
 I am carrying the trees along the wall but running out of space.
 Here is a completed view.
 Looks okay to me.
 I would like to try to fill in a little more but there is next to no clearance.
 The final view with eh bridge back into place
 A view under the bridge
 Long view
 Higher view
 Looking from across the room.
 From another door way
 The scene seems to hold together.
Looks good up into the town.