Saturday, May 7, 2016

Scenery Timeout - Tender work

 Well, I need to get some I-1's painted for the branch operation so I have a good friend, Lee Turner, who will slowly work his way through the roster. In order to get started, I have to get some tenders ready to go with them. The first will be a 130F75 that Frank Miller modified. That one is finished. The second is a 210F75 that I am going to modify. Here is a front view of a Sunset after I have added the two water valves and a controller for the water scoop.
 This rear view shows the addition of two Grabowski water hatches and the start of some flashing around the doghouse. I will make it from three pieces, two flats and an el piece.
 This view shows the addition of a flange piece at the top of the slope sheet, plus some grabs for the ladder
 I added a rear light that I fabricated, drilled out the rear markers for MV lenses and added the class plate. I also added several pipe clamps for the antenna.
 I also placed a pair of drain covers that I had to put on the surface as they ave bolt detail I did not want to cover. On the next tender, I am going to try a different approach on them,
 The other drain cover
 The antenna mounts had to change so these two coils are from Trackside. A little big but the best I had. I also used their tube that goes to the bottom of the side of the tender.
 This gives a side view that shows the piping for the antenna circuits to the coils. Also shows the slope sheet brace.
The floor needs work as the scoop is just mounted tot he floor. It has to go up on a platform the match the bottom of the side. I also have to remove the piping and redo it. I used ne that Frank Miller did as a model. I turned the air tank and used a PSC casting to go with the scoop.
 Piping done and floor mounted.
 Side view shows the radio phone control box cover and latch openings outlined on the lower front side and the equipment box I built for the under body rear.
 The completed rear - it is starting to look good. I like it a lot.
 The heavy steam pipe used to heat the doghouse in now in place.
 Overview of the deck shows the completed flashing around the dog house.
Front view of the finished product. It should look good behind an engine! It is now in Lee's hands. Back to scenery work. This was a 2 week break!