Monday, April 2, 2018

Coving our First Corner in Paxinos

 Well, I would like to put up a photo mural as the backdrop to Paxinos so I have to cove the corner so it will flow through the scene.  Paul and Ed did the initial work to cut grooves in the wall for the heavy plastic sheet to fit into to make it easier for me to spackle the panel in place. I placed a test panel in place to check the strength and to measure the distance from the rear of the sheet to the center of the corner. It was 4 5/8 inches. Seemed to work okay.
 I then hot glued a panel of cardboard into the corner and perpendicular to the plastic sheet to strength it. I will have to paint the sheet and then put on the mural and I did not want it to move around. I left the test panel in place as I set the cardboard to make sure it did not distort the plastic.
 Jason was my assistant - and I was glad to have him as he had to hand me a lot of stuff as I was in a  small place. I do not get my photo on the blog often so Jason took a a couple of cameos.
 Now I am removing the test panel to ready the place for the full panel. I worked with Dylan on a drill press to countersink holes in the plastic sheet so the sheet rock screws would not be above the surface. He drilled about 20 holes as we spaced them every 4 inches. He is a great helper. He is anxious to start scenery and wants to make trees. We will have to get him into that as I need mucho.

 Here is the panel in place. You can see the sheet rock screws on the edge. I also placed a healthy amount of Liquid nails Project glue on the back of the panel. I really do not want this sheet to move. The foreground will be a low hill that blends into the corner so you will not see that lower joint.
 A closer view. I tested its flex and there is none with that cardboard backer. I am very happy how that came out. The screws are very close to flush so I am hopeful I will not have to put a lot of spackle on it. I need to let it sit for a couple of days to be sure the glue has dried.
From the other wall. Our two projects with the family made great progress. Now I have to finish them  up.

Fascia Goes in on the Branch Line out of Sunbury

 Well, Easter of 2018 was a big day as we added fascia on the some of the oldest bench work in the layout. This is the branch line out of Sunbury, and the crossing of the main. Jason and my grandsons Dylan and Ian came to visit and help Grandpa. Dylan really liked the safety glasses and thought he looked cool. They did not like the ear muffs that I had for them though.
 Jason is working to get the boys organized. We cut the fascia the day before and today we are going to put it up.
 Dylan is still feeling buff as we get ready. He likes that he will use the nail gun.
 Dylan is in a posed action shot as we put up the upper members for the fascia panels.
 We are doing some final cuts on a section of fascia as Ian is now the cameraman
 He is shorter than us so takes some unique action shots of us cutting.
 We are just about done.
 Grandpa is really getting into it now!
 The finished job. All he cuts were on that left side where the fascia dips down to the river.
Here is the right side where Dylan was standing earlier as it curves around and dips to the river as well.