Monday, February 5, 2018

Laying in the New Double Slip

 Here you can see the new turnout laying on top of the ties and adjacent rail. I have to trim the rails and some PC ties to get it to fit. I have had this new turnout for over a year and have not been pressed to do this as the other switch worked okay but I felt this would be an improvement.
 Here you can see the gaps with the ties that I will fill in as the turnout becomes more set. I am also using the flex track to absorb the difference in angle to keep the trackwork smooth.
 The opposite end of the turnout with the same problem - need to cut the rails to make the joints.
 Here is the tentative set of the whole turnout.
 Jack Brown is working as the top man as I am under the layout pushing the actuating rods from the switch motors up through the deck.  We had major problems with the stiffness of the throws. I used dry graphite as a lubricant and finally had to go to heavier piano wire to get the point to throw over.  I am a little concerned about that but think they will break in with use.
Here is the finished installation. Now I have to complete the leads to the turnout. More on that next.

Adding Switchwork at the East End of the Yard

 Well, Jim Mucka came down from Pennsylvania for a couple of days of layout theory and also hands on track work. So, we began to install turnouts on the east end of the yard. The one he is laying the ties for is to take an engine to the engine house off the Arrival track.
 He is using a straight edge to keep the ties aligned in a tangent off the diverging track. Takes time but makes a big difference. Actually makes the tie laying easier.
 Here is the completed turnout, less the point bar. I had previously sanded the ties after the glue dried and then I placed the components down. I use ROW cast frogs and points so the turnout construction goes a little bit faster. This is a number 7.
 That turnout previously laid goes into another turnout for the switch lead for the yard.
 Coming through that one, we head down the track towards the entrance to the arrival and departure tracks.
 We have a double slip at that throat. I am going to replace this double slip with another that has a higher frog number as I think that will enhance the track work. This is a bit problematic as I have to lift the existing turnout while saving as many ties as I can.
 In my usual haphazard fashion I have gathered the tools and they become spread out as I use them.  The work train is parked on the adjacent siding though.
 Looking out further, you can see the overall ladder that I am trying to finish up. This area has a combination of Code 148 and Code 125 track. Main is the Code 148 and the yard is Code 125.
 The new double slip is sitting in the area as I size up the nature of our problem. We will have to excise a lot of ties and also build up the PC Board ties top match the remaining ties and Atlas track.
 This is a poor shot of the removed double slip. It took me about an hour to carefully remove it. Those are my O scale scissors in the shot also.
Finally I can rest the new turnout on the ties before I begin the installation process.

Visit From the Board of Directors

 Well, Christmas was very busy for us with the grandchildren coming. We had many small operators as you can see.
 The stools were flying around so they could get up to see the trains better. I had to grab some quick photos as the action was fast paced and Grandpa had to keep a handle on what was moving!

We got the general seal of approval but this granddaughter was a bit dubious about the whole affair!