Wednesday, April 6, 2016

More color in Weigh Scales

 Well, I have selected my earth color and it is called Camel by Valspar. Here is where we are starting. Some white plaster color and some colored structolite.
 Coming around the middle of the town to the west end.
 Now at the far west end I start to apply my mix of 50/50 water and paint.
 It is a noce warm tan color that will be a base for our addition of ground foam.
 A look down the hillside
You can see the color difference to the colored structolite just above the center paper towel.
 Now the east end is more consistent and warmer.
 Here is the long view.
 I also had to paint the track. I used a mix of Rustoleum Camouflage Brown and a flat brown spray. I found the Camo brown a bit dark and wanted to lighten things a bit.
 An overhead view. the track looks more consistent and smaller once it is painted. Now I have to be sure the paint is all off the rail tops.
 The middle curve. I found a nice cleaning block at Micro Mart that does not scratch the tops of the rail. It is a good size and you can see it in the photo.
 The west end. I am going to wait on the ballast until I get some ground foam down. I hope to do that in a couple of days.
 The end of track in the yard
Leaving Weigh Scales and just before the bridge to Paxinos. I had a run of the earth paint onto the fascia so will repaint that once everything else is done.