Sunday, May 5, 2013

Creating the diesel service area

 Well, this is a long process so we started by getting all the tools in one place. We then laid the ties and glued them down. After they dried, I sanded the bunch. It was then a matter of laying the rails and frogs. That set the basic formats. I went back and installed the points and closure rails last.
 So, now here is the view looking from the throat. I will install some servicing areas here along with small buildings, etc. The total length of this area is about 14 feet. Don't you just love O scale!
This is a view of the actual opening up of the 6 tracks. The two tracks on the left are spaced more widely as the diesel building will be installed here. The engine storage tracks are only 3.5 inches apart.

This is a closer view yet. You can see where I have propped up the building facade to show where it will go. The tracks to the left will hold multiple covered wagon unit lash ups. Those on the right will be for single hood units and switchers

This is a view looking back from the area where the switchers will be stored. That is an SD9 and a GP9 sitting on the right.

This is looking back from the covered wagon unit area. That is a C Liner lash up on the left. These tracks will hold from 3 to 6 units as we mover to the right. The chalk mark is my original plan for the area. On the right, where the box is located, will be the end of the outside tracks for steam storage. Those tracks will radiate from the turntable which is out of view. 

Reverse view of the throat of the diesel area. It leads back to the yard runaround track.

This is the next area due for construction in the engine terminal. It is the lead into the steam portion. Building it will involve a lot of time laying on the bench work so I am not rushing into it. The lead on the left is for wreck train and passenger car storage. To give a sense of scale distance. Those are 8 foot pieces of wood and aluminum lying there. Those black box cars are about 16 feet away.