Saturday, July 2, 2016

More Scenery Work

 Well, the crew came over again last Monday and they worked on vegetation at the back of Weigh Scales. Here is Phil, and Mike adding the base green coat and getting ready to put in some bushes.
 Meanwhile, our plaster expert Paul was putting in plaster cloth and then Structolite on the climb up to Shamokin.
 He was ably assisted by Walt as they formed the side of the hill surrounding the railroad fill where it climbs the grade to the junction at Shamokin. That area that you see above Walt's shoulder with the cardboard showing is where they will plaster tonight.
 Jack joined the crew working on the hillside and they did some great work in that area. You can see how the hill is blending into the backdrop on the wall. Jack developed a method for getting the green foam to stick to the  steep side of the hill that works very well!
 Here is the finished work area. I have to add the trees now but it seems a shame as their work looks so good.
 This is the other end of the hill side that terminates behind a feed mill that is on a siding to the right.
 I continue to slowly add trees to the hill side to further disguise the junction with the wall. That last tree to the right has not been planted yet, it is only resting there.
 This is the plaster work that Paul and Walt worked on. This area is what was the cardboard strips in the earlier photo.
It is almost ready to add color and then the ground cover.