Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Continuing to build the yard

Well, after Justin left, I went down into the basement and finished the framing of the corner of the yard structure where it turns to the north. It actually will make a complete U turn over the hidden yard. I wanted to frame and cover the lower yard to the extent I could without finishing the lower yard throat. That will be the next step.
You can see in the second picture that I added supports from the lower section to hold up the upper one. It is proving to be an extremely rigid structure. I also added all the drilled holes in the cross members for the wiring as I will not be able to access this very well from below.
The guys came over and we completed the last of the framing as seen in the third picture. We also cut the plywood to the extent we could. So, now you can see that about two thirds of the yard base is in. In the last picture you can see it extends all the way back to that beige wall and the bridge next to it. You can also see that the lower yard is now hidden from vew unless you crouch down. I have managed to blend the upper yard smoothly over the junction with the framing of the lower yard.
When the yard is completed it will be about 80 feet long - a lot of walking for the switching crews!