Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Building the east end - Part 4

 Well, it has been a while for a posting but I have been busy building turnouts, traveling and having more grandchildren. Despite the distractions, I have added the east end yard ladder turnouts, as shown above. We added a grandson so another railroader may be coming to work some day.
 That long silver rod shows the location of a caboose track that will run up to the yard lead. A couple of turnouts are required for that. A wreck track will also run to the rear of the service area off that track.

 I have also added the turnouts that will lead into the diesel storage area (shown with the track coming out of the first turnout that turns right) and the second right turnout to the future steam service and the turntable. This was quite a job to get everything to fit. I have a number 8 at the base - slightly out of sight at the bottom of the picture, then a number 6 for the diesels, and finally a number 7 for the steamers. The roundhouse will be to the left of the big box. A coaling tower will rise where the box is located.
After we make the turn off the number 6 turnout, we will come to the diesel ladder shown here by the track charts for the four turnouts. I have some track sitting in the alignment that we will have. There will be 5 service tracks. I plan to have an engine house at the top left side of the picture. The steam terminal will go where the box and rolled paper is sitting. My next set of pictures will show the building of the engine service area.