Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Major Construction

Another major job for this year is to finally get the bridge in over the aisle. It is the line between Mt. Carmel and Shamokin. This is a very difficult project as the line is on a grade with a moderately sharp curve involved. It will be a through truss bridge over the aisle and then a ballasted deck girder bridge over the main line far below. 

Ed volunteered to contort himself so he could rise up over the grade and use a combination of a circular saw and a jig saw to trim the sub-roadbed in the area of the deck girder bridge so we can mount the girders to it. He is finishing one side here.

 Alan is helping and watching him here as we get this phase finished.
 More close trim work as he is cutting right next to the ties on the track. I was nervous for sure. After this was done, we mounted more risers to secure the roadbed without any flexing to get us ready to cut the line over the aisle while maintaining the grade in place.
 While the bridge work was being done, the landscape crew was adding webbing to Reed so we can complete the plaster work that will tie the town into the Susquehanna river area. Paul, Jack and Mike made fast work of the area we need to prepare.
I now have to make the abutments for the bridge in the background so we can tie it all together.

More fascia

 Well, the kids came for the holidays and you can see that the action was intense along the lower aisle where they can see things easily. Uncle Greg was running the trains and everybody was counting cars! This is the last area for major construction and so the boxes are still piled here. We have to start on this for the next year.
 One of the first things is to get the fascia in and so we got the clamps and glue out and completed our work through Herndon. I have had to leave the right end undone until I can formulate the bridge construction over the track going into the holding area.
I have a small piece to complete the fascia to the panel structure. This is now done and I am drawing the panel so I can paint and mount the parts before completing the wiring.

So the fascia now goes all the way to the left end of the benchwork on the Herndon side. Now for the backdrop and the webbing.

Open House

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted but we have gone through the holidays, I have been in the hospital with kidney stones and we have had two open houses so things have been hectic but some work has been done. The following are some shots from an open house for our friends up in the DC area. We also had Jim Canter join us from Indianapolis to see how Ow5 layouts operate - he is Proto 48 himself.
 The first place most people stop is over by the west end of the yard Lots of freight cars there and some switching action. Terry is focused on the action while the kibitzers have at it - probably talking with Dave about conventions
 The operators have moved on to watch a branch local move through Reed. Ray and Capt. Rick have their cameras at the ready while Pete tuns the local.
 Here is Pete guiding another train up the hill from Weigh Scales to Mt. Carmel.
 Matt is a new member of the group - an HO'er , he will be slowly converted over time as he really enjoyed the size of O scale. He was switching and operating trains on the branch as well.
Jim C. took a quiet moment to look out over the engine facility and think about all the work that has yet to be done!
 In all, it was a great day with about 20 guys attending. The previous weekend, we have 150 come to the open house. The families loved at and I even got a thank you note from an 8 year old boy who drew a UP engine on the cover - really made it worth while.