Saturday, January 28, 2012

Building the West End of the yard - Part 3

 Well, we have cut the main line and built a Number 10 crossing. We then added a number 8 crossing to get into the Arrival and Departure tracks, the yard lead and then into the yard. This view shows the number 10 crossing and the yard lead on the right. We have a temporary bumper at the end of the lead to avoid having cars plunge to the floor below.
 This is a close up of one of the number 8's. It shows that I am spiking every tie but not going so far as to use tie plates. I do plan to come back later and add rail braces along the point area. I have not yet made the throw bars as I push on building turnouts.
 This is looking back through the number 10's.
 Here is another view looking back with the number 8's in the foreground and the number 10's in the rear. The ties are light colored as I sand them down to be sure they are level after the glue dries. I use  a template to lay out the turnout so I know when to place the frog for the desired number. I use Right of Way products for the frog and point castings.
 This is the number 6 turnout that leads to the caboose track. The line continues through the turnout and then into a number 7 that will provide the lead to the yard ladder. The line continues beyond that into a number 8 that opens up into the Arrival and Departure tracks. You can see that the number 6 has to have its ties trimmed to match the curvature of the rails. I do the trimming after I lay the turnout although I am looking at using a Canter tie jig to pre-trim the ties.
 This is an overview of the throat that has to be built. The paper template for the number 8 entrance to the Arrival and Departure tracks is in place. You can see that all the turnouts are slightly curved - another complication.
These are the templates for the number 6's that lead into the yard tracks. I am checking as I go for interference with the joists as I place the points. The switch motors will mount below and I can't have them in the same place as the joists. It appears I have a problem with the first turnout so I will probably stretch that one slightly to place the points to the side of the joist.

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