Thursday, January 19, 2012

Building Turnouts

 Okay, so now we have to cross over from the east bound main to the west bound main as we want to be able to enter the yard. So, the first step is to cut the track that was already installed and lay out the ties for a Number 10 crossover. Both turnouts will be on slight curves with some super elevation at each end. This view shows the ties down and a track diagram on the far end.
Once the glue has set up, I sanded the tops of the ties. Now, I have measured the location of the frogs from the point locations and spiked them down in place. You can see them up near the pliers on the ties. The stock rail has also been located and laid to set the curve. The diagram of the switch is sitting on the yard lead to the right. I am trying to get the proper line up of the rail that crosses over. This is  a tedious process that is taking some time. I am hoping to get more proficient so that I can move along as I have a number of turnouts to build on this end.

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