Thursday, January 19, 2012

Constructing the West End of the Yard - Part 2

 Well, the homasote has been leveled and the edge trimmed. It looks nice and neat as we look around the beginning of the big curve that the yard tracks will traverse. I have raised the main line up about 1/4 inch about the yard tracks.The Arrival and Departure tracks are 1/8th inch above the yard tracks. You might just be able to make out the seam about 8 inches to the right of the main line.
 Continuing around the curve, we get a look down toward the east end of the yard. The holding tracks will be about 45 feet long. The edge again ooks nice and sharp
  So, with all the trimming done. I can now paint the homasote flat black. This both simulates the cinder under layer below the ballast, it also seals the homasote so that we do not get much movement from moisture absorption. It also looks neat before the dust settles! This is the view from the yard lead.
 This is where the yard ladder will be going. We are also going to have an icing platform for reefers to the right.
 Again, looking around the curve. The elevation differential clearly shows now.
 Another view down towards the east end which has not been plastered nor painted.

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