Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finishing Up the Turntable

 Well, after the dust settled and the family had left, I had a chance to go back downstairs and work on finishing up the turntable. All the hard work had been done. First I removed the homasote to be able to recess the tee nuts. After that, I took a piece of 1/4 inch rod and cut it into 2 1/2 inch pieces to replace the long pieces you see in the background.
 This shows a tee nut in place and a short rod with a nut. I also added a fender washer to the undertable assembly.
 We are using the level to be sure we keep the turntable level as we tighten the nuts.
 So, this is the recessed openings for the tee nuts and the nuts on the rods. In all, we had 8 of these assemblies - 2 per corner.
Here we have the finished product. Turntable in and homasote back in place. Now I have to go and finish the yard throats and start building turnouts again.

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  1. Looks great Grandpa! Thanks for letting us help out. We can't wait to come back and help some more. Plenty of work to do!