Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Continuing to build the main line

Well, I have a new computer and a new operating system and needless to say, I am having some learnings about how to post to the blog. It started with problems loading the pictures, now posting the text and who knows what else will be a problem. That is why there have not been any posts for a while. But we are struggling up the learning curve and this is the first evidence of progress. Meanwhile, I have continued working on the layout so you will see some concentrated postings to catch you up on where we are now. I have build all the substructure for the main and am now trying to get the homasote down. These shots show the building out from the hidden siding into Milton which is just west of the main yard. You can see the laying of the cut roadbed, the N scale cork that is used for super elevation on the curves and then the plaster shoulders in palce. We are approaching the big horse shoe curve at the end of the room that turns us back up hill towards Northumberland.

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