Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Starting to make the engine facility framing

Okay, we have the diagram on the floor and now we begin to cut the framing to match the drawing. I also decided to make curved corners using a technique that Pat Mitchell showed me on my previous layout. In the first picture we are looking back to the east and you can see how the engine area comes off the main line which is curving to the left. This is why we have the diagonal edge to the benchwork. We will also have an open pit that an operator will be able to access to reach the yard throat should we have a problem in the future. Thanks to John Roberts and Ed Rappe for that suggestion. My problem is that this is a very large expanse and given it will be high at 51 inches off the floor, an individual's reach will be limited. As the runs are about 16 feet, I had to change the direction of the framing in the area under the diesel storage. You can see this in the second shot as you look above the turntable. The diesel house will be running left to right over that framing. We have to stop here as I need to do some testing of the lower track to be sure it is safe to cover it up with the yard.
The next step will be to make the special framing for the curved corners.

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