Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adding the cross members to the yard

Well, after the help had gone, I had a lot of cross members to put up. They were quite long so I needed some way to support them while I attached them to the perimeter. You can see in the third photo that I got a roller support for my table saw and used it with a long box as the middle support. This came after a lot of pieces fell to the floor as I tried different approaches.
First I put the short leg onto the perimeter as seen in the first two shots. While this torqued the side rail, I was able to take that out once I had he support in place.
After all the long members were done, I added blocking because I needed to tie everything together due to the expanses. Later I added legs in the center as well. It came out pretty strong as I was able to use the cross members as parallel bars with no flexing.
You can see I had to use a lot of clamps in the process as I had to put a long straight member above the member I was joining together to be sure that it was straight as well. You can see that set up in the third photo. The legs went on last, once I had all the cross members and the bridging in place..

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