Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Outling the area

As we are looking at a very large area, I thought I could put the exterior framing together and then raise it up to make putting the interior in easier. Well, it turned out to not be easy at all but I found that out after I was underway. The kids were here for Thanksgiving so I used my three son-in-laws to help me get it up on temporary legs . My wife only allowed me to have the guys in the basement for an hour so that was all I could get done.
You can see the framing is in place and the special corner work has been attached. All the other cut pieces are on the floor. We did mark the rails where those cross sections were to go but I had a lot of splices to make as I am working with 8 foot pieces. You do get a better sense of the size once it was in the air.

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