Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On to Milton - Part 2

Well, I ran out of wood so I had to stop with the cross members. In the second shot you can see that the front of the Milton area is shaped like an hour glass with a reverse curve to the fascia. I have formed the bendable plywood to connect the previous section to the new section. Then the bench work face bows left and then back right. The guys were over last night and we roughed out this section. They were conecerned about the rigidity of the box with all the stress I was putting on it. In order to make this work, we put a temporary cap on the right framing member so the box could not bend, only the fascia piece. Thank you , Ed Rappe.

If you look carefully at the first photo you can see the cap section on top of the new bechwork section at the far left side of it. The plywood piece is resting against this sixteen foot piece of pine. This forms an L with the side section and makes it rigid. Once I get the plywood on, I can take this off as the plywood will act as the gusset section.

As ususal, all the clamps are on the flexible plywood in the front fascia to hold it in place until the glue dries. You can see this in the second and third shots. Once dry, I can go in and add the cross members to complete the framing. Also I have to make a bunch of legs so I can set the whole area up level and strong.

In all three shots you can see where the benchwork ends. At that point it turns left and begins the return journey to the yard.

More to come!

By the way, I have been asked to put a track plan on the blog. I do not know how to do that yet but will work on it.

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