Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finishing the hidden yard - Part 2

After I had laid the yard tracks we had to address the actual throat turnouts. I used Atlas Number 7 turnouts as the Key J1 will go through these.

I do not use these turnouts in visible sections as they are really oversized and not like the prototype. They are a fast way for the hidden area though. I will have to go back and ensure they stay insulated and add feeders so I do not have to worry about them in the future.
It took a few attempts to get a smooth flow from the 8 tracks into the two main line tracks but I think we achieved that. You can see the affect in the third picture. I have run an I1 (2-10-0) back and forth with no problem. I then added some passenger cars and again, no problem, so I think I am set.

Lastly I secured the curved sub-roadbed that we had cut about a year ago when we cut the yard sub-roadbed out . In the third picture I am adjusting its alignment and by the fourth picture, it is screwed together.

Now we have to get ready to build more bench work to carry us into Milton, PA.

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