Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On to Milton - the beginning

Well, in the first picture you can see what we are facing as we begin building to Milton. The curved section from the hidden area is looking at a wall with a file cabinet and a book case. That has to go as the town of Milton will be along the wall with the light switches.

In the second shot, Rich Luzinski and I moved the file cabinet and the bookcase to the left rear of the room temporarily. I just love moving this stuff again and again!

Then Paul Cierzo and I moved the stuff along the wall that the sub-roadbed is aimed at. It is over on the left.

With all that stuff out of the way, we built the benchwork for Milton and beyond. I have carried on to the end of the wall where the main line will curve back to climb up the west end of the yard.

In the third shot you can see that an aisle has been created that goes up the center of the layout past Herndon on the left and the future Milton on the right. I am now walking a lot more to get from place to place as I can no longer cut across.

In the fourth shot, I am standing at the end of the benchwork past Milton. The main line will be curving to my right once it is cut from plywood. We do not have too much more bench work to build - hurrah!!

I do have to go out to the store to buy more pine as I have finally run out of wood - up to now, all this wood has come from my new house or the pallet worth that I bought from Pat Mitchell some 21 years ago.

I also need more plywood and homasote so a few trips are in my future.

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