Monday, June 3, 2013

Now for an I1

 Ok, we have to check to see if the big engine type on the hill can make the curves and smoothly run up the hill. I followed it closely on the run up and everything went well. You can see every detail on the underbody when they are this high and going over that bridge. I took pictures on the way back down as I was more relaxed that everything would go well. We are leaving the junction at Mt. Carmel.
 Coming around the hillside on the 52 inch radius curve.
 Going out onto the bridge
 On the bridge - nothing between us and a 73 inch drop. My model engineer must be quaking - I know I am.
 Into Shamokin, doing fine
 The the S curves with no problem
Leaving Glen Burne to go into the Narrows. A smooth trip! I guess I can consider the branch done. Now I have to add turnouts on Shamokin plus do a bunch of wiring.

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