Monday, June 3, 2013

The first trip up to Mt. Camel

 Well, now that the power was in and the track laid, we finally were connected to the Mt. Carmel loop that has been hanging there for about 4 years. So, We started from the Narrows, just outside of Weigh Scales and headed RR east. We have a Baldwin S12 by Yoder that I painted, along with an All Nation boxcar that I built a long time ago.
 We go around the S curve and make the turn up towards Glen Burne. The separated webbing reflects the fact that I had to raise the roadbed to make the level of the bridge I needed down the road to clear the aisle.

 Alongside the future location of the colliery heading up to Shamokin.
 This is what the colliery looked like.
 Entering  greater Shamokin.
 The S curve upon entering into Shamokin.
 Heart in my mouth time as we go out over the temporary bridge over the aisle. We are about 73 inches above the floor here.
 Further along the bridge- slow speeds here for sure.
 Finally coming to the other side, whew!!
 Entering the horseshoe curve on the hillside.

 We are now heading up the hillside to the junction ahead.

 Here is a long view of where we are
 Almost at the junction
 We are safely there!! The junction does not have power so this is as far as we go. The trip back down was relatively easy but I still worry about that bridge. You can see how high we are by looking at the other train in the lower right of the picture.

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