Friday, July 5, 2013

Our First Open House

 Well, we had our first open house for the National Model Railroading Association regional chapter in June. Thus my crossbuck sign out at the end of the driveway.
  I built some temporary panels at Milton and Herndon so we could operate the hidden holding tracks on the main. I then staged 6 trains, 3 each westbound and eastbound, including a K5 powered local passenger.
 Here is a leased Reading 4-8-4, a T1, pulling through Northumberland westbound. The PRR leased them in the summer of 1956 to supplement their steam power during the summer.
 An action shot going by the Shamokin drag leaving to go up the branch.
 And now it is going away.
 Here is an upgraded L1, 2-8-2, headed eastbound to Harrisburg with a mixed freight. I made this model by using a Precision K4 boiler, redetailed it, and then mated it with a US Hobbies frame and drivers.
 Our closing shot is the T1 coming into Milton on its journey west.

All this told me that I have to put some cameras in to monitor the hidden area as I had a heck of a time keeping track of the 6 trains. So, I have now purchased 4 closed circuit TV cameras and screens to be able to see what is going on. Now I have to read up on how to hook them up. The screens are actual 7 inch TV's that would be used in automobiles or other small areas. More on this later.

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