Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working on the roster

 Well, as I mentioned in the previous post, I decided to take a break from the layout to work on some I1's that will be used on the branch line. I have 7 of the Sunset I1's and 2 USH models. Here are 6 of the 7 Sunset's. The one on the far left has been completely redone by Frank Miller for me. I am going to use it as a guide as I redo the other 5. The seventh one is an Altoona version that is in the paint shop right now. I have just finished building 5 front assemblies and pilots for the models using Grabowski tanks and chin platforms. It took a special jig that was made by an old friend, Ray Jury, who is no longer with us, coupled with a MAPP torch to get them to heat high enough to solder together. It is the most distinctive thing on the I1's. They were called Hippo's because of those paired tanks. They look a whole lot better now.
 As you look at the engine on this end you can see it has a lot more detail on it. My plan is to go at this in assemblies and my next task is to replace the main rods with Grabowski castings. To do this, I have to set up my mill to be able to drill the rods and then mill off the rears where they attach to the crosshead and piston.
 Another rather quick change are the smoke stacks and sand domes by Bill Brisko. You can see how much larger they are than the original parts by Sunset. The first model has them and all the others do not. These are going to be layout models., not contest models so I am trying to get them to look good but not perfect.
Here is a left side view of a completed engine and a factory model. I have to change the feedwater heater to a later version, add a bunch of better castings, edge the running boards, and add an ash hopper and details. I think each engine will take about a week of solid work. Those pilot assemblies took me about 2 solid weeks.

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  1. A lot of work, but it will be a great feeling when it is done! Dylan wants to get his train table set up in the basement high enough to avoid the quick grabs of brother Ian. Maybe Grandpa can help with that sometime...