Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Adding the Thoroughfare Track

 The next step, which has taken a while, is to add the thoroughfare track that allows the road engines to escape back to the engine facility. I used Old Pullman track from this one as it is at the outer edge of the yard and I wanted the appearance of spikes holding the rail, not clamps as on the older Atlas tie strips that I used for the code 125 rail in the yard.  I figure that once the rail is painted and ballasted, you won't notice them but the outer track will stand out. So, here we have the track turning off the Arrival track and going down a slight slope to the level of the yard tracks.
The first turnout we come to is for the future RIP track for quick running repairs to cars that come in from the West. It will be located at the top of the photo 

We then continue on and rejoin the base of the ladder track which comes in from the left.  I used a number 7 turnout here and for the next one so that I can send my J1's through here with no worries.

The next turnout will lead tot he Ice House that was in Northumberland for servicing any through reefers. I have it facing to the West as the loaded cars would be coming from there and unloaded cars would not need much service going back. The Ice House will be generally where the white box is right now.

We continue around the outer edge of the yard and begin the swing back towards the engine service area.

This is an overview looking up the line to the turnouts that lead to the engine service area and the tracks up the other end of the ladder.

Here we are looking up the other (west) end of the ladder. We have a number 8 switch leading on the right to first a number 6 to the diesel service area, and then a number 7 to the steam service area. The white template is for a turnout for a caboose lead that bypasses the ladder and a storage area for passenger cars and a wreck train.

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