Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Starting the Engine Terminal

 Sad to say, I have run out of turnout parts from Trackside so am waiting on an order to get back to building turnouts. These are the turnouts into the diesel(foreground) and steam areas. I need to build the steam area first as I have to climb over the benchwork where the diesels will go.
While not really prototypical, I am planning on using an Ogle coaling tower for the terminal area. It is about the best detailed coaling tower out there so I decided to use it. I have drawn the location of the round house, which will be facing us, and the coaling tower will be on the left side of it.  I need to lay three tracks here, inbound, outbound and coal delivery. The inbound track will have a pit and it will be managed by a Burro crane with a hopper. That track will be switched using the turntable. All turnouts will be number 7's so we have no engine troubles. 

This is an overview of the East end ladder. The caboose track will be coming up on the left side of the HD 40 can. That is going to take some cutting as the running track is a quarter higher in elevation than the yard. I am taking a break while waiting on the turnout parts and replacing all the tanks on five Sunset I1 front ends with Grabowski parts. These engines will power the branch line trains.

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  1. You're making some real progress! It's 103 degrees outside so a major project in cool basement is the place to be!