Friday, February 4, 2011

Supporting the yard

Well, yesterday I spent about 3 hours and got all the legs and braces in to support the substructure we had built. In the first two shots you can see how I moved from having the structure supported by legs to tieing into the existing bench work below.
The first shot has only braces from the lower benchwork where the framing crosses over the main line.
The second shot shows the other side where the shift from legs to braces is more dramatic. All the framing is very sturdy and somewhat rigid now. It just awaits the addition of the plywood decking.
The third shot shows the overhead from the track level below. I can only imaging how difficult it will be to deal with problems down here if any develop, once the upper level is completed.
The last shot shows our next challenge - we have to go around the corner as we turn north with the yard. I plan to make a curved edge to the framing on the left side and a series of compound cuts on the right side which will sort of mimic what is below. I have already put a tongue on the left side runner to accept the bendable plywood for the curved edge. You can barely see that if you look closely at the board.

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