Friday, February 4, 2011

Decking the engine terminals

As we look at the first shot, we see the main and branch line bridges ( the branch line has the train on it) coming over the Susquehanna River and entering Northumberland. We started here with our 3/4 inch plywood decking and then turned right as the line flows westward. In the second shot you see us looking from the bridges to the west where the main will go to the left of the column.
The third shot shows how the yard and main will flow around to the west and then curve north(right) in the distance. The yard will actually make a big loop as it turns around the room.
The last shot looks back from the new substructure area
to show where the diesel and steam engine serving and roundhouse will be.
This decking used almost 6 sheets of plywood so the engine and coach storage will be an area of about 190 square feet.
Those handsome legs are steel tubing that I made based on instruction from a friend of mine named Pat Mitchell. They were welded and then painted. I am about out of them so will have to switch to 2x4's for the future legs as we still have a way to go.
Interestingly enough, I have filled one lobe of the room now and have just one more lobe to go. The 2000 square foot room is beginning to look more full. My problem is that in the next stage, I will cut off easy access across the room and so will have to do a lot more walking about aisles to get to the different work areas.

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