Friday, February 4, 2011

Extending the yard - part 4

We have been working on extensive civil engineering projects as we extend the substructure for the future yard out over the top of the existing 8 track storage area. You can see in the first and second shot looking both up along the side and back that the cross members are now in place. The cross members have been preddrilled with 3/4 inch holes to carry the wiring for the tracks which will go above.
As you look at the third shot, you can see the way I have had to curve the bench work to bring the yard from the right up and over the lower storage area. The fourth shot shows also how they have aligned as the yard moves along. In the fifth shot you are looking down along what will be the diesel service area and see how the aisle turns left to flow along side the yard.
On the left wall, the branch line continues on its way up to the ceiling. It is the trackage you see in the far distance higher on the back wall. If you look carefully, you can see the white structure up under the lights and that is the 6 track holding loop hanging from the ceiling which is its destination.
Next I have to add the permanent legs to ensure every thing stays level and stable when I add the 3/4 inch plywood decking.

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