Friday, January 21, 2011

Additional development of yard benchwork - Part 2

As we progress, you can see that I have added internal bracing for the yard in the area of the curved face that forms the aisle. I set the bent plywood face runner, measured a cross member and installed it wih screws and glue. It was still suspended from the wood across the framing. You can see the progress in the first two photos. I then glued another laminate of the bendable plywood to the one in place for strength and used a bunch of clamps to hold it until it set. After that I clamped some temporary legs in place. You can see this in the third photo. You can also more clearly see the start of the aisle as it necks down at the peak of the curve.
In the fourth and fifth photo, I have moved further around the corner and am laying in a piece of pine to see how to frame the next length of substructure. I have clamped a Y shaped riser to the end of the benchwork of the lower yard so I can rest a 1X4 that I then suspended from that cross member. I am trying to determine where I have to kerf it so I can bend it to meet the plywood piece coming in from the right.
My next major activity will be to make some L type cross members from two pieces of pine to reduce the depth of the framing member while keeping it strong as I have to have some overhead room over those lower yard tracks.
This is starting to get really complicated as I have to figure out how to support this yard structure over the lower tracks. I think we may have to use some steel rod as well as wood.

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