Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working on the main line

Now that we have all the plywood down in Herndon, PA, we start on the roadbed. We pick up where we stopped up in the back, crossing the fork of the Susquehanna (you can see the white of the stone bridge in the top of the second picture). I then worked to integrate crossings from my previous layout to save time. I set them on top of the roadbed to be sure they fit the flow we laid out. Once the roadbed was nailed down, I laid some Upsome Board for the base of the town. that is the white material you see. I have not yet made the height transition between the main and the quarter inch lower siding on the Upsome Board.
While this was going on, I just put out some Atlas number 7 turnouts for the hidden area at the end of the line.
I cannot lay them until I finish painting the overhead structure which will be done this weekend. You can see if you look carefully, that I have put a side rail up on the overhead to protect against major disasters if a derailment occurs.
The next step on the main line will be to plaster in the shoulders of the ballast line and then paint that black. I have also superelevated the curves, using N scale cork roadbed as the base of the elevation change and transitioning up onto it with card stock. If you look carefully at the base of the roadbed on the curves, you can see the black cardstock and the brown N scale cork. I also use the black card stock to shim the joints on the homasote to try to make it even as their thickness tolerances are pretty sloppy in manufacturing that stuff. You can see it sticking out near the turnouts.

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