Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reusing a turnout or two

Well, here you see the process used to save a turnout from an old layout. These had steel rail and Harry Roberts frogs cast in Pewter, along with home made points. We salvaged them by lifting the homasote up off the plywood without destroying the turnout.
I wanted to make them suitable for DCC should I ever go that way. So, I upgraded them with Lou Cross cast nickel silver frogs and then stripped out the steel rail and replaced it with Lou's nickel silver rail. In the last photo you can see the switch has only a frog and the rails have been pulled out. I slid them out so that the spikes would regauge the new rail going in.
The second photo shows the finished product with all nickel silver and an electrically isolated frog. The points are the same polarity as the running rail - no back to back wheel shorts, which caused me afew problems on the old layout.
So, five turnouts saved and reused in Herndon.

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