Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finishing grading the Main in Herndon

Rich came over and gave me a hand in finshing the plastering of the ballast shoulders for the main through Herndon. We gave it two coats of spackle to handle the shrinkage and then Rich smoothed the dried compound with a wet sponge and spackle knife. Now we are painting the roadbed flat black to simulate the cinder under layer below the ballast. We will not ballast until I have painted the track and put down the scenery layer. We do not want to foul the ballast with plaster from that action. I still have to lay the sidings in Herndon but will do that next month. I can build the main through town so we can move towards getting something running.
In the last two shots, we closed out the work session with laying out the 8 track hidden storage yard that will be covered by the main yard. The two Rich's are pinning the switches in place as we get the general format set. I have already drawn the 8 radii for the tracks around the curve. Rich and I set the easements into the curves and now we are going to lay the throat.

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