Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hanging the Overhead - Part 4

I spent the better part of a week with my head in teh ceiling and helped by Rich, putting in all the track and joiners. Little Rich had made a big start on it but I had to go up into the ceiling to finish the track work. You can see the box holding the tools and spikes next to my head in the second picture. I also used templates to make sure the curves are consistent with no pinching in on the radius. The radii are 52, 56, 60, 64, 68 and 72 inches. We test ran the Sunset I1 with long distance tender and it had no problem
with the minimum radius. That is also the minimum radius on the branch so I did not expect any. In the last shot you can see our test train with three 85 foot Pullmans. I did have a little problem on a reverse curve in the next to largest radius curve, which surprised me. John Armstrong used to say you needed at least one car length of a straight section when reversing direction and I can now see he was right. I do not expect any Pullmand to go up there as it is a branch but I will have to put a restriction on that track. Next to do is the wiring for the blocks and switch motors.

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