Monday, April 5, 2010

Hanging the upper yard - Part three

Well, after about another 3 weeks, I finally got the left side of the upper ladder in and wired. I also took the oportunity to wire the right side which was already hung and tested everyhing.
Rich came over today and we then hung the last section using a material handler to hold it up while we put in the rods.
Then the interior of the 6 tracks was laid. In the last shots you can see Rich running an I1 around that track. So, on April 5th 2010, we had the first movement on the upper holding yard. This is the end of the branch and represents Mount Carmel.
In the next few days we have to lay the other 5 tracks and then we get back to building the bench work that leads up the hill to this yard.
Once we finish all the tracks, we can reinstall the ceiling and level everything in the overhead.
Let's keep our fingers crossed that we never have a track problem in that confined space as it is only about 11 inches from the ceiling to the track.

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