Sunday, June 27, 2010

Extending the Main Line - Crossing the Susquehanna

When the Northern Central enters Northumberland from the east, it crosses a series of through truss bridges to get into the yard. So, I am trying to create that by having a double and single track through truss bridge side by side. In these shots you can see that I am placing the unbuilt Atlas bridges to set the piers and then to lay a base for the river. In the first two shots you can see that the river forks above the bridge. There will be a stone arch bridge placed in the gap over the branch of the river. It is going to be just below the Dewalt drill you can see. The main line goes over the two truss bridges and then passes below the branch line which is on a truss bridge. I took another Atlas bridge, stripped out the rail and put in Code 125 with a guard rail for the branch.
The double track main will then go over the arch bridge which is being finished. I placed two sheets of 1/2 inch plywood for the river bed. The piers are from Scenic Express. I cut them up to extend them for the two bridges. Next I have to paint them based on pciutes that a friend just took in Pennsylvania of bridge piers in that area. I will set the fascia up to meet the piers so they do not have any earth showing next to the aisle.

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