Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Installing the Subroadbed down to the storage tracks

Well, we have finished the framing of the benchwork all the way to the end of the storage area. Now we are going to put in the roadbed from the branch line bridge over the main to the storage tracks. Rich Luzinski came over today to give me a hand installing the roadbed on a consistent grade of 1.6%. You can see Rich is holding a metal 4 foot rule to check to see that the plywood has the same percent change in elevation over its whole length. We use the red torpedo level to be sure the roadbed is level across the track . In the second picture you see the appliance on the two foot yellow level that we use to set the grade roughly. We put about 5 risers in place with clamps and then use the metal straight edge to check our consistancy. You can also see in the first picture that I have run electrical outlets throughout the framing so I no longer need extension cords for the power tools.
In the last two pictures you can see looking back to the bridge how the roadbed rises to the track I laid last year. In the last picture you see it coming down to zero elvation on the framing. That is the start of the area where the 8 holding tracks will be. More pictures on that later.
The next project will be to move the balance of the stuff that is stored up against the wall to under this new section of benchwork so we can begin building the framing for the last major section of the layout.
I will show you that in later pictures.

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