Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting the eastbound side of the hidden storage

Well, you can see the end of the first section is up cleanly and bolted to the column of the house for added rigidity. The storage yard roadbed is on the floor. We have the two track main widening out into 8 tracks so I have both east and west bound storage. In the second picture you see the Atlas turnouts which I will use in the hidden area.
I laid them out to be sure that I did not put cross members in a place that would interfer with the switch linkage. The third picture illustrated the maxim that any horizontal surface will soon act as storage. I have my tools and parts back on the top of the earlier section but the roadbed is not graded or secured yet. In shot three and four you see that the benchwork is built over the roadbed because I used it as my template for the size and location of the crossmembers. Shot number four also illustrated how I was able to hold up the lengthy section before adding the cross parts. I clamped legs to the ends and they flopped around a bit but I was able to secure them enough. Now the cross members are in and I have to go back and add the permanent legs. That will be the next installment but first I am going fishing tomorrow to relax.
The last shot gives you a look back to the rest of the east side of the basement. It also shows that we are now entering a more difficult curved section of benchwork where we have to maintain our aisle spacing while making provisions for the yard at Northumberland which will cover this storage area. More on that after fishing!
Just for the record, the plywood you see on its side in the right rear is the roadbed that will hang from the ceiling above this section we are currently building. That has to be done also before I can do the yard. I haven't done this much planning in years.

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  1. Wow Dad - I cannot get over how much progress you have made! I cannot wait to see it in person in February!!

    Love ya - Jess