Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coninuing the branch line construction

 Well, as we look down the wall, we have added the framing for the first section which is rectangular and will hold the Glen Burn Colliery. It is conventional box construction, using the brackets already mounted to the wall and knee braces.
 Looking back, you can see where the box ends. We are trying to gauge the length of the cross members, using our flexible plywood held in place by the yellow clamp. The frame will shrink to match the curve of the side of the benchwork on the left which holds the mainline.
 Another shot of this effort. We have now cut the cross memebrs and will install them.
 Cross members are in and we modified the depth of the knee braces as we are down to a length of one foot for the cross member. We have to get this short to allow that three foot aisle minimum to be maintained.
 Now we have placed the two layers of flexible plywood and glued them together in a somewhat smooth curve.  The clamps are holding them to dry. At this point the benchwork is approximately 68 inches high. The track will be about 72 inches high when it crosses this aisle.
 Looking down the wall.
 I am up on a stool to get a downward view so you see the curve. We are about 16 feet to the end of this run.
This shot shows that we have placed the plywood onto the benchwork. We are now trying to get the curve in place that will allow the line to cross that bridge at about an angle of 120 degrees to the aisle.
This is proving to be difficult due to the narrow size of the bench top. I am looking into moving the crossing further back to give me more room to make the curve.  I am trying to get the bridge to cross where the main line is closest to the right edge - near wherre the yellow/white cap rests on the track

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