Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beginning work to complete branch line

Looking westward
We are now beginning to plan how the branch line will rise from Weigh Scales and reach the holding tracks that have been hanging from the ceiling for the past two years. You can see the red wire hanging down from the entrance to the six track loop. We have to rise about 15 inches, cross the aisle here on a Through Truss bridge of 40 inches in length, while maintaining about a 30 inch aisle. The bench work will be about shoulder height to make the actual walk way wider. Those grey brackets on the wall will hold the bench work. The cross member will be attached to the top of the bracket and then we will have a knee brace.
 I am standing where a representation of Shamokin will be on the wall to my right at about my head height. The Glen Bourne colliery will be above that cardboard (gathered for scenery forms) leaning against the wall.

Continuing to the west towards Weigh Scales
 Walking down to the corner, we come the the curve leading to Weigh Scales which is our gathering yard. We have the river on the outboard side, PA Highway 61 is to the right of the track and high on the hill is an S Scale track to represent the Reading line through the Narrows.
The Narrows with the Reading high above
 This is a more complete view of the Narrows. Weigh Scales is just around to the left where my electrical supplies sit. The track is rising on a 3% grade to make the climb to get the bridge over the aisle to about a 72 inch clearance from the floor.
Looking at the Narrows but back eastward
Looking back eastward to where we started
These last two views are looking back at where we have come from. A good view of the Narrows with Shamokin Creek in the foreground in the first shot. The second shot gives you a view back to where the bridge will be. The line will then curve around to the right over the existing main and continue to rise about another 8 inches to meet the holding tracks over my right shoulder. We are having active discussions about how to scenic this whole thing but more on that later.

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