Friday, February 17, 2012

Completing the west end yard ladder - Part 5

 As you can see, we have completed the ladder turnouts and laid the west end of the yard tracks. All the turnouts are number 6's due to the need to blend into the curve that forms the end of the yard. The radii are pretty big so coupling should not be a problem. I have yet to lay the caboose track which will come down in the foreground and then eventually tie back into the ladder.
 This is a view of the last two switches in teh ladder and a shot of the ladder tracks. The brown track at the toop right is the start of the thoroughfare track.
 Here we are going about the curve. One track is still to be laid in the foreground and the piles of track are for that one.
 Continuing around the curve. You can see the two main lines, the arrival and departure tracks and the four yard tracks. You might be able to make out the center line for the last track just under the brown ties and rail and the right side of the picture.
 This is the end of the line. I have to do more subroadbed work beyond here.
 This is the view looking east and you can see the work that has to be done.
This is the view of the east end of the yard and that is the next phase of construction. The homasote is now down so I have to prepare it for painting and then layout the turnout locations. The papers on the track to the right are the turnout diagrams.

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