Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Installing the last of mainline sub roadbed Part 1

Well, it took me about a week but I have finished with the subroadbed for the main line. My biggest problem was horsing a piece of 4X8 by 3/4 inch plywood up onto the bench work. Once there, I used my trusty trammel, as shown in the first picture, to draw the outline of the roadbed. I started over by Milton on the right and, as shown in second picture, came around the bend to begin the long climb up to the yard.

The third picture shows how I mounted the pencil in a small wooden block and then clamped it to the reach rod of the trammel. This gave me a great deal of flexibility on the radius that I wanted to use. The curves here will be 62 inch and 66 inch radius, with easement curves.

The reach rod is a 1/2 inch angle left over from trimming in a storm door a long time ago.

Here you can see how I am drawing on the sheet which has already been cut once. I have completed the bulk of the curve and now am curving back to go up the hill. The loose pieces are what I will use to complete the roadbed up the hill.

You can see the pencil lines that I will cut along with the sabre saw to get the outline that I need.

Some of the roadbed is now cut. I am screwing it to the framing to hold it in place as I draw the rest of the outline of what I need.

This last shot shows me down to the last piece that I need to cut to make the curve. The curved benchwork is a of a similar radius so that the roadbed approaches the edge as it finishes the turn.

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