Saturday, February 13, 2010

Placing hangers for the overhead

We are now at the stage of placing the overhead hangers and then drilling the roadbed at a point directly below the hanger so a steel rod can be threaded into the TEE nut to hold it up. I will try to get a series of action shots to show the process in my next post.
In these shots you can see that I have painted the base of the roadbed a grey color after the addition of all the homasote. The second, third and fourth shots all show the completed roadbed and its location. The first shot shows what the hangers look like. They are pieces of 2 by 4, screwed to the underside of the TGI's with a hole drilled in them to accept the threaded rod. Directly below them, shown in the fifth photo is a hole drilled on the edge of the roadbed , one inch in from the edge. These holes are spaced 20 inches apart to try to give enough support so the plywood will not flex.
The process involves spotting the hanger using a plumb bob, directly over the mark on the roadbed. Then I drill the hanger, with a drill press to ensure it is a vertical hole, and place it on the TGI. Again with the plumb bob, we recheck the location over the mark, and make any minor adjustments needed. Then we drill the roadbed and place the TEE nut in the underside of the roadbed. Each placement takes about 15 minutes of measuring, drilling and screwing in. We have about 52 to do. More to follow when we do more tomorrow.

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