Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, you can see we lowered the benchwork on the curve, relative to the benchwork at Reed as the mainline has to swing down and go under the branch. We have all the new legs in place and the subroadbed has been put in place and the grades established. You can see the mainline to the rear as it drops down and prepares to go under a bridge that will have to be built before the branch can enter Reed. The door has ended up safely under the benchwork.
As you look at the middle picture you can see the roadbed continuing in the distance around the curve and into Crowl which is at the other end of the siding, along the back wall. We will leave Crowl, heading East, and enter Paxinos after we go around the corner. The water tank at Shamrock will be just before we turn that corner, past the end of the siding at Crowl.

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